Increase Student Size Capacity

The use of portable barres allows more students to practice barre moves in a small area. Class sizes are no longer confined to the number of students who can comfortably line up on a wall-mounted barre in a ballet class. Larger groups of students can use the portable barres for stretching and flexibility goals at the beginning or end of the class, as well. Portable barres are easily stored for maximizing studio space. 

Offer More Comprehensive Classes

Advanced dance students seek classes that can give them an edge in competition. Incorporation of portable barres in jazz, modern, and hip hop classes can increase core strength, posture, and flexibility even if used briefly. Some students may not view adding a ballet class beneficial to their progress in jazz or even hip hop dancing. A brief introduction to barre moves, made more accessible with portable barres, in a jazz or hip hop class may help them see the advantage barre movements could bring to their dance ability and performance. 

Attract Nontraditional New Students 

Barre exercise classes are extremely popular and pricey. Many women, including mothers of dancers, pay a great deal for a monthly membership to barre exercise studios. With a purchase of portable barres, a studio could offer morning or early afternoon barre exercise classes when many dance students are still in school and do not take traditional dance classes. Barre classes offer an amazing full body workout that is sure to draw new customers to the business. 

The purchase of portable ballet barres will add great value to any dance studio. Contact Boss Ballet Barres today to learn more portable ballet barres