How Can a Portable Ballet Barre Be Used For Physical Therapy?

When outfitting your physical therapy clinic, buying a portable ballet barre may not be the first thing on your list of things to get. However, portable ballet barres are incredibly useful in a physical therapy setting. Whether you need a barre for your clients, or for yourself to work of your physical therapy exercises at home, Boss Ballet Barres can help.

Equipment used for physical therapy needs to be dependable. People are generally doing physical therapy to recover from an injury, birth defect, or another issue causing them pain. So the last thing you need during a physical therapy session is equipment that is not reliable and could cause further injury. Some portable ballet barres are not secure. Flimsy pieces snap together and don't support the body weight of the user.

Boss Ballet Barres were created when an employee of Boss Steel Ltd. had their daughter ask them about creating a sturdy, portable ballet barre. Boss Ballet Barres was a natural offshoot of Boss Steel Ltd. because we saw a need and found solution for that need. A portable barre coming from a company that had been expertly working with steel for years is bound to be a more reliable barre.

A barre is a great tool for stretching and balance. In a physical therapy clinic, patients can hold onto the barre to perform a variety of balancing exercises, targeting and strengthening many different parts of the body. If you think your clinic could benefit from the sturdiest portable ballet barre on the market, contact us today at Boss Ballet Barres.