Have a Portable Ballet Barre for Your Child? Moms—Check This Out

Parents of serious and even recreational dancers will often get the request for a ballet barre in the home as a part of a small dance space where they can practice. Boss Ballet Barres offers portable ballet barres made from the strongest materials that are easy to move and are perfect for a dancer's space in the home.

But for fitness loving moms, did you know you can use your child's portable barre for your own gain as well? You may have heard of barre fitness through popular chains like Pure Barre or through classes at your local gym or recreation center. Also, online streaming services like Daily Burn from Hulu offer barre classes you can take in the home at time that works for you.

Using the portable barre that is already in your home for your dancer is a great way to get a whole body workout as well. Barre fitness has its origins in ballet, but also Pilates, and yoga. It is not a dance based class, but rather a full body, low-impact workout that gets great toning results. Here are just a few examples of exercises you can do at the barre:

  • Push-Ups: Push-ups at the barre are easier than on the ground so they allow people who maybe can't do many traditional push-ups to still get a similar workout. Since it is lower impact it also allows for people to work at a higher repetition.
  • Classic Chair: If you have any yoga experience, you are probably familiar with chair pose. Classic chair in barre in similar in that you are working the quads, but you work from a position where the hips are tucked under and the back is flat. 
  • Ab Work: By sitting under the barre and pressing up into the barre with your palms, you can work the abs by rounding the back, extending the legs, and lifting them one at a time.

These are just a few examples of barre exercises you can do at home with a portable ballet barre. For more information on the portable ballet barres offered at Boss Ballet Barres, contact us today.