Grace On the Go: 3 Wonderfully Whimsical Ways to Fall in Love With Dance All Over Again

Shakespeare said “All the world is a stage” … and he was absolutely right – although that can be easy to forget when you practically live on an actual stage. Whether you are a recreational dancer or a professional, you already know that dance is a very intimate experience. Sometimes in between practices and performances, we can all forget why we started dancing in the first place. Revive your heart for the core reason you twirl, spin and plié with these three dance activities that bring the spark back to center stage… that spark that doesn’t need an actual stage to exist.


Captivate by Candlelight

When the kids go to bed and your husband is snoring to Sports Center, light the candles in the kitchen, turn off the lights and just dance. This dance is just for you and connecting to your own inner-self will reflect in your dancing. This practice can also help you to better let go on stage when you learn how to let go alone.


Go Whimsical in the Wilderness

If you have never paved your own trail in the forest… you simply have not lived. Like Thoreau would have said, “Simplify.” Take your phone and your favorite song into the woods a while. Then? Just dance. It is a spiritual experience you will not soon forget and you just may find out that it is your new favorite place to choreograph.


Use Your Powers for Good

“Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” That Glinda really got us dancers underneath all that sparkle and tulle. Dance is a powerful kind of magic that can heal hearts and simply bring joy to the world – but not everyone will show up to a performance or find themselves at the ballet. So how do you reach these people? Use your “powers” for good and commit to dancing wherever you feel necessary. Go dance at the local children’s hospital. Random-dance with strangers. Go to a nursing home and twirl the floor. You’ll instantly remember the power you have when you give it away.


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