Nobody can deny that barre workouts lead to a fantastic lower body burn, but you might not realize the impact having your own barre can have on your abdominal muscles. When you work out your core in barre, you can see the benefits in everything from your flexibility to your posture.

Not sure if barre is going to give you the core workout you need? Take a look at some of the rich benefits working out with a barre can offer.

Barre Keeps Your Core Engaged

When you exercise on your portable barre, you need to keep your core engaged through all moves. Even when you are working out your arms, legs, and booty, you will be giving your abs a healthy burn.  If you were in a barre class, you might hear your instructors tell you to "draw in" your abs. Keep this in mind when you use your portable barre at home too, using your pelvic and back muscles to keep your abs working hard.

Barre Ab Exercises Are Targeted

When you complete a barre routine, you will find several movements focused on building those ab muscles. The routine allows you to focus on your entire core with just a few enduring movements. With just a few exercises, you can reap the benefits of a stronger core. With small, isometric movements, you are truly focusing your efforts.

Barre Requires Few Tools for a Good Workout

Fortunately, you do not need much equipment to give yourself the burn your body needs to see muscle development. Small weights, bands, and balls are great resources, but you can perform many exercises with only the assistance of the barre itself. The portable barre even allows you to work your core while you are standing.

Are you ready to get started with a portable barre of your own? Your ab muscles are calling. Contact us to learn more about the benefits portable barres offer for your core.