Get a Prenatal Workout at Home with a Portable Ballet Barre

Barre classes are a huge trend in the workout world. For women aiming to tone their bodies, the classes are easy on the joints, and work muscles to fatigue creating a feminine sculpted look (like that of a ballet dancer).

The classes, however, can be pricey. If you go to a studio that specializes in the barre workouts it can cost over $100/month. If you are a member at a gym with a barre class, you're likely not getting the best instruction (because you're not paying top dollar).

Another downside to those classes, they often do not offer prenatal barre classes. This is a shame, because the workout is great for a mom-to-be. She can work her thighs, glutes, arms, and back to still look fit and toned with a growing belly. Fortunately, there are prenatal barre DVDs available for women who want to workout at home.  

These DVDs suggest you use something for support during the "barre" aspect of the workout (such as a chair). The problem is that when you're pregnant, your center of gravity/balance are not what they used to be. It can be very simple to tip the chair and cause injury. One way to avoid this is by using a portable ballet barre. The barre sturdy so you won't knock it over, and is discrete enough to hide away when you aren't using it (but once you start seeing results from these workouts, there won't be many days you aren't using the barre). 

Pre and post baby workouts need a lot of modifications that unfortunately, many studios don't offer. By having a portable ballet barre in your home you can workout privately and confident that you will not cause injury to yourself or the baby. Contact us for more information.