Consider the Differences Between Wall Mount and Portable Barres

Owning or operating a dance studio is a fun and rewarding job. Working with students, watching them progress, and letting them learn to express themselves through the art of dance is meaningful. But not every aspect of operating a dance studio feels so meaningful. There are a lot of decisions to make, especially when setting up a new studio or adding a new location. What sound system will you use? Where will you have recitals? How will you find staff?

At Boss Ballet Barres, we can't solve all of your dance studio questions, but we can help you figure out if you want to install wall mounted barres or purchase portable barres. Here are some of the benefits to each.

Wall Mounted Barres

Wall mount barres are going to be the most sturdy since they are anchored to the wall. This might be more important for younger students who rely on the barres for balance or for studios offering barre fitness where clients are going to be pulling on the barre with all of their weight. Another benefit is that these barres are always there so they don't require any set up or tear down.

Portable Barres

Many studios use portable barres as well as wall mounted barres to maximize their space. Portable barres can be placed throughout a studio with students on both sides whereas wall mounted barres only allow students to dance on one side. Portable barres can be moved out of the way into a storage areas so all of the space in the studio is able to be used. And Boss Ballet Barres are still extremely sturdy and easy to set up with a simple connection systems and included hex key. Portable barres are great for small studios and perfect if you are renting space and don't want to or aren't able to do a big build out. 


While there are merits to both kinds of barres, studios greatly benefit from using portable barres to maximize space, keep their costs down, and provide more flexibility for the space. For more information about the sturdiest portable ballet barres, contact us today at Boss Ballet Barres.