Can Barre Make You a Better Runner?

If you are a runner, you know that core strength contributes to your stamina. Many runners do not realize that barre utilizes techniques from Pilates, yoga, and ballet to strengthen the core and other supporting muscles. Many of these muscles go ignored when you focus on running rather than on a full body workout. Barre can work out all the major muscle groups.

Now that you have tried a variety of exercises to increase your core and leg strength, why not give barre a chance? Here are a few things you can expect to see a boosted when you try barre.


While you will use your portable barre to help you balance, you will utilize your core, often as you stand on your toes. With these exercises, you will learn how to maintain beautiful posture that helps you perfect your running form. This stability is crucial for people who run on uneven terrain as well.

Physical Strength

Barre utilizes the lifting of only light weights, but this does not mean your body will not see gains. Barre routines use exercises like push-ups, planks, curls, and tricep kickbacks to pump up the arms, shoulders, and back. Barre exercises like plies and calf raises give you more strength for your regular runs.

Mental Strength

There is no doubt that barre provides a demanding workout. Many people are surprised at how challenging the workouts can be. You will build stamina in your workouts, especially when you get to the point where you don't think you can go any further -- but somehow, you do.


Stretching is an essential component of barre, which benefits runners who have tight hamstrings. Just as you stretch after a good run, barre routines also encourage you to stretch after working your muscles.

With barre, you do not need to invest in hefty equipment to do the routines. A portable ballet barre provides excellent value for anybody looking for a new way to train. If you are ready to try barre for yourself, contact us. You are sure to see improvement in your running too.