Boss Therapy Bars: Essential Equipment for Rehabilitation and Fitness


Probably the most essential component of any rehab or fitness practice. 

How much progress can you genuinely make with your stroke patient without first establishing a firm base of support? 

How substantial are the fitness gains when the integrity of core muscle function is not, itself, rock-solid?

Progressing your patient without first establishing a firm base of support is like building a house on a swamp!  Foundation is key to any meaningful progress, and a set of Boss Bars will help your patients establish lifelong balance and stability.

Why is this so important?

Physical Stability

Occupational and physical therapists, as well as trainers, know that all movement begins in the core.  While core stability is a far cry from merely having a "six-pack," intra-abdominal pressure is crucial for all action.  Whether someone is learning to walk or performing an Olympic-level squat, a functional core is the physiological equivalent of a home having a concrete foundation.

Motivational Stability

As a doctor of rehabilitation, you are often helping your patients walk for the first time after their accident.  Boss Bars are solid enough to provide the mental reassurance your patients need to hold themselves up.  The Boss Bar's wide, non-marking foot pieces allow for maximum floor contact and can be used on any floor surface.  No wobbling.  No wavering.  Structural steel tubing ensures nothing but the most secure hold, so your patients can reestablish the confidence they need to start moving again.

We have the perfect size for you

Do you have a home-bound client, or a small outpatient or private rehab office?  Our 4feet long Boss Bar is perfect for smaller spaces or when working with individual patients. 

Are you a gym owner with ample space for Barre classes?  Our 14ft Boss Pro Fitness Bar can accommodate multiple students. 

Need a size somewhere in between?  We have 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, and 12ft options as well. 

Contact us today and let us find the right fit for you and those you help.  Our quality steel barres will last a lifetime.  Boss Bars are the most essential piece of equipment you've been missing.