Boss Ballet Barres: The Strongest On The Market!

Boss Ballet Barres: The Strongest On The Market!

Whether you offer ballet in your dance studio or not, having a ballet barre is necessary for the industry.

Barre exercises improve your students' postures and flexibility and increase their endurance and strength. These exercises strengthen muscles in the back, abs, legs, and arms, so your students can handle the different movements needed any type of dance. The stretches in barre exercises keep your students flexible and help them move gracefully. It can also relieve joint tension and pain.

Why Choose Portable Ballet Barres?

Our portable ballet barres have both a lower and upper horizontal barre so that you can use one barre for both your children's classes as well as in your adult classes. They are portable, allowing you to move them wherever you need them without difficulty. 

With free-standing dance barres, you can have students stand on either side of the barre, efficiently using your studio space. This allows you to book larger classes and thus increase your revenue.

Portable barres are less expensive than wall-mounted barres. Our high-quality portable bars can be purchased for thousands less than the cost of installing permanent barres in your studio. Since free-standing dance barres are less expensive, you can buy multiple barres and set them up at different heights to cater to shorter and taller dancers.

Boss Ballet Barres: The Premier Ballet Barres on the Market

Boss Ballet Barres are the strongest and most durable barres available on the market. Unlike other portable ballet barres, Boss Ballet Barres have non-marking, gripping rubber feet that provide optimum support and stability. They are made with structural steel, not plastic or aluminum parts. 

Our Pro Series is designed to withstand high-volume traffic in dance studios, schools, and fitness centers. Boss barres can be assembled in minutes and are portable. Cleaning and disinfecting the Boss Ballet Barres are easy as well because they are powder coated.

Each Boss Ballet Barre purchase comes with a lifetime warranty, and every customer gets personal and attentive customer service care. Call Boss Ballet Barre for more information on our products.