From the little princess to the Prima Ballerina, sometimes the end of class or rehearsal is just the beginning of a dancer's impulse. As ballerinas of all levels know, it's important to gain that competitive edge. As such, it's common to establish a long term practice on one's own at a mini home studio.

The advantages of rehearsing at home are numerous, and include, to name just a few: firmly solidifying new material, polishing favorite sequences, and ensuring proper alignment with an unobstructed view of your mirror - not to mention rehearsing parts for the next show. In short, a lot can be accomplished while at practice in the comfort and privacy of your home studio that cannot be done in class.

All you need is a large mirror, a hard floor, your favorite dance music, your Boss Ballet Barre, and your drive.

Why are Boss Ballet Barres so indispensable? For one, they are affordable. Starting at only $298 for the little princesses, Boss Ballet Barres can fit into nearly every dancer's budget. Many families find that their home studio is essential to their tiny dancer's dream. The barre is just as important as the pink slippers and the tutu.

For the intermediate level dancer and up, our 4' barre is ideal for polishing those fouettés, pirouettes and bourrée sequences. Starting at $328, this model also works well for solo ballerinas who travel.

Our barres are easily stored, especially useful for the home dance studio. When you are done dancing, your barre breaks down easily. It will store compactly on the floor along a wall.

The Boss Ballet Barres are highly portable. When you are hired to perform solo, you will be glad to have your Boss Ballet Barre to bring, along with your dance bag and your treasured costumes. Not all theatre spaces are equipped with barres for warming up, but there is probably space for your ultra-portable barre. You are sure to impress as you come prepared to take the stage.

As versatile tools, the barres come in different colors to fit different personalities, and different sizes for different needs. The barres can also be used for other types of dance and workouts, such as deep stretching, modern or lyrical warm ups, and physical therapy.

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