Best Business Practice: Wall Mount or Portable Barre?

You've finally found the perfect studio space to kick your barre teaching career into high gear, but now it's time to furnish it. You know you need a barre--but which kind? 

A wall mount barre has one very specific requirement: it must be anchored to a strong wall. This limits your ability to organize the space to suit your vision, and complicates details like mirror installation and observation. A mirrored studio is an asset, not only to a barre teacher, but to a business person: flexible space can be rented out to other instructors of other disciplines. 

If you are considering this option to maximize the studio's earning potential, a wall mounted barre then becomes a liability. Wood varnish wears off with use and wood requires maintenance. Students of other disciplines could damage the barre, leading to even more expense. That risk alone is enough to keep your keys close and limit studio use to times when you will actually be there to monitor things. 

But it doesn't have to be that way. Our portable steel barres are strong, sturdy, and low-maintenance. Your class size will not be restricted to the amount of barre-ready wall space you have, but only to your ability to manage it. Then, at the end of class, you can easily move the barres out of the way. 

Portable barres maximize your earning potential by enabling you to push the limits of your own skills and talents as an instructor, while also enabling you to manage your space effectively as a business owner. Our barres are strong and sturdy enough to handle constant classroom use, and our accessories make it easy to care for them. 

Are you ready to take your career and your studio to the next level with free-standing barres? Contact us today and we'll help you get there.