Be the Boss of Your Studio and Choose Great Barres

Be the Boss of Your Studio and Choose Great Barres

The dream of beginning your own dance or barre studio is exhilarating, but making it a reality comes with many practical decisions. The choice of barre equipment in particular is one of the most important decisions you will make as you prepare your studio for clients. Here are five points to consider as you look to make a high-value barre purchase.

1. Invest in Your Future 

At some point, many of us have bought an inexpensive but low-quality version of a product or piece of equipment only to be disappointed and neglect it, useless, in the bottom of a drawer or the back of the garage. That's why choosing a barre with an eye to the future is so key. Buying a functional and long-lasting barre will be more enjoyable for you and your clients to use, and will keep you from the cost of upgrading your equipment in the future. Boss Ballet Barres are the barre of choice in the dance and fitness world for a reason: They are high-quality barres that will grow with your studio. 

2. Stronger Is Safer

Boss Ballet Barres are made of high-strength structural steel, which will provide a sturdy base for your most weight-bearing moves. You and your clients won't have to worry about the barre bending or breaking-you are free to move, stretch, dance and exercise without anxiety! This is great news whether you have a studio full of tiny ballerinas hanging off the barres or adults trying out a new talent. Safety is always a good choice. 

3. Less Is More

Because of the sturdy construction and freestanding model, it is possible to dance on both sides of the barre. This is perfect for smaller and home-based studios. In addition to economy of space, this also contributes to financial economy: Because you can place dancers on both sides of the barre, you can add barres as you need them instead of fronting the cost of a fully outfitted studio.

4. Dance Anywhere

A signature feature of Boss Ballet Barres is their portability. This is particularly desirable for small studios. Move the barres around your studio with ease to make space for that big floor routine. Create a COVID-19 studio space by spacing barres out inside or capitalize on the open air and move your studio outside in nice weather. Get creative with your clients and host events in the park. Have a studio-on-the-go and travel to clients. The possibilities are endless!

5. Easy to Assemble

Boss Ballet Barres are assembled using a quick-connection system with one simple hex key for setup and breakdown. That's it, no extra tools needed. 

With unparalleled strength and portability, it's no wonder Boss Ballet Barres are the preferred barre in the dance and fitness world, and a great choice for new and growing studios. Contact our team to find your perfect barre!