Barres That Create a Strong Foundation

Purchasing barres that are both strong and portable is one of the best decisions a teacher can make. Barre is the foundation for the entire class and prepares a student's body for the more strenuous work to come. Nothing solid can be built on a tenuous foundation. That is why it is imperative to ensure that students have the best possible equipment for their training. The strength and portability of a barre are an asset and here are some reasons why!

Reduce Injuries and Distractions

Students deserve to be able to focus on their technique and not have to worry about injuries that might ensue from using a shaky barre. Weaker barres can tremble, shift, fall apart, or fall over. This can result in injury. 

Whether in the gym doing fitness barre, or in the ballet studio doing barre exercises, proper technique and focus is of the utmost importance. If the barre is moving around or shaking, it can be a detriment to the participants. A distracted student is more prone to injury than a focused student.

Teachers Can Always Be Prepared

Teachers deserve the convenience of being able to teach class despite the unfortunate circumstances that may arise. Let's face it. Sometimes bad things happen to good barre classes. For instance, a pipe could burst in the room where classes normally take place. A scheduling blunder in the gym or studio could result in having to relocate to another place. Unfortunately, not every area will be equipped with barres. Simply pack the barres up and take them to another area instead or cancelling or rescheduling! How easy is that?

Amazing Overall Value

Strong, portable barres are a wonderful investment for any gym or studio. It is cost-effective to purchase a solid barre made of good quality steel than to purchase cheaper barres that experience more wear and tear over time. This could cost more money overall due to continuous replacement costs. It is far more efficient to buy once and keep it for a lifetime than to repeatedly replace the same product.

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