Barre Routines Aren't Just for Ballerinas Anymore

If you are into fitness, or even if you aren't, you may have heard of barre fitness. Sweeping gyms all over the nation, barre fitness is a workout technique that builds long, lean muscle desired by men & women everywhere. The method involves ballet positions and some exercises performed at a ballet barre. However, no dance experience is necessary and it isn't a choreography-based class. It is simply a strength and conditioning class with ballet methodology.

There are a number of barre fitness brands like Pure Barre that have studios all over the world. Also, gyms and fitness clubs offer barre classes. The trouble with these classes are they can be very expensive—depending on the location. And of course for many people with busy schedules or moms who stay home with their kids, the problem is just getting to the gym. Also, since barre fitness is relatively new, there may not be a gym in your city with barre classes available.

But you can do a barre fitness workout at home with a Boss Ballet Barre, the strongest portable ballet barres on the market. Short of actually anchoring a ballet barre to the wall in your home, this is your best option for a barre workout at home. A Boss Ballet Barre is sturdy enough to do most of the exercises they do in a barre fitness class.

You can use YouTube videos or order barre fitness DVDs online, like these on Amazon. To order a portable ballet barre today and start your home barre fitness workouts, contact us at Boss Ballet Barres.