Ballet Barre Fitness Will Change Your Life and Redefine your Body

The hottest, most effective form of exercise is finally available to you to take home. Ballet barre fitness routines are the perfect exercise to firm up your core and perfect your posture. The deceptively simple exercises use your natural body weight to tone, strengthen and lift tired muscles. Target areas are your legs, butt, arms, core and back. With each movement the tiny, muscles in your back and belly are gently trained to remember to support your torso. This in turn redistributes the heavy weight of your head and neck, leading to a more solid posture and a release from neck and back pain. 

Keeping a straight spine is key to proper alignment. Ballet Barre Fitness is the best exercise to retrain your muscles to remember that their primary responsibility is to hold up and firmly support the weight of those heavy upper extremities. The targeted dance exercises improve flexibility and increase circulation to key organs, such as your heart and brain. This low impact exercise targets every muscle group and gives you a full body muscle workout that is both fresh and fun. It is tons of fun and low impact, good music helps to add a fresh, fun and fancy vibe to your exercise routines. 

Ballet Barre workouts are the perfect addition to your workout routines. They are fresh and fun while targeting all the trouble areas of the body that you'd like to be tight and toned. After a few weeks at the barre you'll see stunning results in your thighs, hips, butt, waist, arms and belly regions. These barre workouts are effective. At the start, because you are working new muscles that are not used to being stretched and strengthened, you may experience some soreness, but don't worry. Make sure you stretch, drink lots of water and most importantly, always return to the barre!  Contact us for more info today.