Ballet Barre Fitness to Relieve Hip Pain

Whether you are extremely active or have a mostly sedentary life, you may experience hip pain at some point. You might have even gone to a doctor or physical therapist in the hopes of resolving the issue. Muscle weakness and misalignment are common problems people with hip pain experience, and the good news is that a fitness and/or rehabilitation regimen using a Boss Ballet Barre may be beneficial for those living with these issues.

If you have received an okay from your physical therapist to pursue barre, our line up might be a great fit for you for these reasons.

Barre Prioritizes Alignment

If you struggle with hip pain, improving your body's alignment is one key to saying goodbye to the pain. Alignment is the foundation of barre, and it will bring your attention to the way you hold your body not only in exercise but also in daily life. You will learn so much more about your body when you use the barre to focus on your body's alignment.

Barre Builds Balanced Strength

Barre helps build strength in the glutes, which is essential for maintaining joint stability. When you build up more strength in your glutes you will have better pelvic stability. When your joints are more stable, you may experience less hip pain. Barre seat work may be the best way to ease away hip pain because you are also developing your core and back.

Barre Builds Functional Strength

The exercises you do during barre fitness workouts train your muscles to work together by building balance, strength, and stability at the same time. At first, you might experience some difficulty when you perform barre movements on one leg. With time, building strength will help you ease some of the pain while also building endurance. Functional strength allows you to move more fluidly in all aspects of life.

Are you ready to try something new? Did your physical therapist mention barre as a way of coping with hip pain? Contact us to learn more about incorporating a Boss Ballet Barre into your life.