Ballet Barre Fitness is for Men, Too

Often, fans of the popular ballet barre workout assume it's an exercise plan for women only. Ballet barres bring up images of ballet, which many see as being unmasculine, or an activity just for women. In reality, ballet bars can be used for many kinds of fitness, and men will benefit from ballet barre fitness just as much as women.

In a feature article and video, self-described "regular guy" Graham Flanagan, a reporter who lives in New York City, decided to try the ballet barre workout. He'd heard a lot of positive buzz about the ballet barre fitness method, but only knew women who took the class. Wanting to learn more about how the ballet barre could improve his fitness, Flanagan videotaped a private session with Katie Muehlenkamp, owner of Brooklyn's studio The Bar Method.

Throughout the video, we see Flanagan, who appears to be in good physical shape, struggle with the flexibility and strength required for the barre workout. However, he tells the instructor "I feel really good!" when they finish the workout. He goes on to explain that he isn't used to the small range of motion in the barre workout, which is far different from his usual fitness routine. Flanagan says he's "sold" on the workout and plans to try it again.

Men get the same improvements in strength, flexibility, and stamina from working out on the barre as women. In fact, some sports teams swear by the barre for improving fitness, such as the Dallas Cowboys, who use it for stretching and injury prevention.

If you're a man interested in ballet barre fitness, contact us to learn more about how exercising with a portable ballet barre will help improve your fitness levels.