Ballet Barre Fitness Builds Strength for Dancers

As a dancer, do you ever watch professionals and wonder how they get their legs to do that? How do they get them so high? And more impressively, how do they get them to stay there? Well aside from hours of practice and stretching, a big key to amazing extensions is strength. Just take a close look at the muscles on American Ballet Theatre principal dancer Misty Copeland. She is incredibly strong and that is part of what makes her such a beautiful dancer.

One way dancers can increase their strength without hitting the gym (in the traditional sense) is by participating in ballet barre fitness. Before you scoff at the idea, barre fitness truly is an incredible tool for dancers. Barre fitness is not doing ballet barre—like plies, tendus, dégagés, etc. It is doing a lot of squats, releves, leg lifts, core work, and arm toning. But these exercises are often coming from ballet positions, like parallel, first, and second positions. Doing barre fitness exercises gives your muscles and joints a rest from the way they work during ballet class, all the while building the strength in your body to hold those eye-popping extensions.

How does Boss Ballet Barres fit in? Well of course you have the option to go to barre classes at your local gym. But chances are as a dancer, you are already spending hours upon hours a week at the dance studio and you don't want to spend more money or time at the gym. The supremely strong portable ballet barres from Boss Ballet Barres work great in your home so you can practice barre fitness from there. For more information, contact us today.