Add Ballet Barre Fitness to Your Fitness Routine

If you haven't heard of ballet barre fitness, it is only a matter of time before this recent fitness craze comes to a neighborhood near you. Franchises like Pure Barre and classes at gyms, recreation centers, and dance studios provide a great workout that is low impact but provides big results. Barre fitness brings together techniques from Pilates, yoga, and ballet for a workout like none other. 

But if you go to a class once or twice a week and want to continue your workout at home, Boss Ballet Barres can provide you with a portable ballet barre that is secure enough for your exercises but you can put away when you are done with it. Our portable ballet barres are the strongest on the market but still offer the convenience of being able to take them apart and put them away or slide to a lesser used space in your house.

When you add to the workout you get in class with more exercises at home, you will see quicker results in muscle tone, weight loss, and strength. Also, there are many YouTube videos that can guide you or you could try a subscription of online classes through Barre3

If you haven't tried a barre fitness class and are looking for an exciting new way to work out that isn't going to be hard on your joints, you must find a barre class near you. And once you fall in love with the method, contact us to get a portable ballet barre for your home to continue your success there.