A Little Girl's Dream (And Why You Should Give In!)

A Little Girl's Dream (And Why You Should Give In!)


     It seems most young girls at some point dream of being a ballerina.  They love to dance across the kitchen floor with toes pointed and arms up, twirling and jumping to imaginary music.  Tutus are often everyday apparel for those young enough to get away with it.  It may seem frivolous to indulge them since passions can quickly pass.  Interests can disappear overnight making it hard to commit time, energy, or money into something that may not last.  Many people don't consider the long-term benefits that come with ballet or know it's an excellent workout.

              WORK THOSE MUSCLES

     Ballet is a great workout, building tone, flexibility, and balance.  The whole body is engaged creating longer, stronger muscles.  Repetitious movements and the emphasis on proper form teach body control and good posture.  Because of the use of gravity, the only thing needed is a solid barre.  This beginner princess barre is perfect for ages 2-5, but with Intermediate and Pro sizes also available, ballet is a workout for the whole family to enjoy. Even NFL players recognize the benefits, helping them to stay nimble and avoiding injury.

              ENGAGE THEIR MINDS

     Imagination is crucial for child development.  Through it they learn about themselves and the world, interacting with others, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.  Role-playing helps to develop a child socially, verbally, and cognitively.  It allows them to think through different scenarios, sorting their thoughts. 

             WORTH EVERY PENNY

     That twirling little girl doesn't know how important it is for her to dance and dream, but with her own barre, she can have fun practicing all she wants, reaping the benefits.  Boss Ballet Barres are portable, making them ideal for small spaces.  The barres are known for their durability and come with a limited lifetime warranty, and a wide selection makes it easy to find the right one.  For further questions or to place an order, please contact us.