A Certain Choice: A Story About Steel

Picture this: The Rec Center, eager to add junior ballet and barre workout classes to its offerings, needs a new ballet barre. They want one that's strong, easily portable, and quick to break down and set up; ideal for their Marley-floored multipurpose room. To fill that need, the Center Coordinator simply gets on Amazon and acquires the first option he sees: An aluminum barre that can fit ten students. This is a mistake. 

The aluminum barre arrives fine, sure enough. It takes a bit of figuring out to assemble but seems sturdy enough. But, within a week of practice and repeated assemblies and breakdowns, that common, aluminum barre is in trouble. Its fastenings are stripped, one of its three hex keys are lost, and the barre itself is starting to permanently sag alarmingly. After a particularly advanced workout by Thursday's barre class, the thing gives way, ending class and sending ten disappointed and frightened learners unsteadily to the floor.

The Rec Center learns from this mistake. The Coordinator, horribly embarrassed, strives to find the best option available in North America. He asks the Center's ballet instructor what she prefers in a barre, and her answer is certain: Steel. Not flimsy, thin-walled aluminum or cheap, barely sanded ash wood. Structural steel is the best she has ever experienced in ballet barres, and it's what she would always want for her students.

He chooses Boss Ballet Barres, and never looks back. In ensuing days, the Center's future barre workout and ballet classes are supported, quite literally, by the strongest portable barre available. The ballet instructor, certain in the stability and strength of the equipment now available to her, can focus on whatever task she puts to that steadfast barre. The students can focus, too; their learning not just unhindered, but liberated, by a smooth, unshakable barre beneath their hands and feet.

The Coordinator, pleased, knows that every time he puts away that steel barre, it has provided yet another day of reliable strength, and that it will for a long time to come.

Choose Steel

Boss Ballet Barres offer strength, portability, and longstanding reliability unmatched by any other in North America. To find out more, contact us here.