Outstanding Portable Barres for Professional Dance Companies

Versatility is the hallmark of any professional dance company. As one of the most important tools for any dance company or school, ballet barres should also be versatile. Portable barres for professional dance companies can be an excellent option. However, certain factors should be taken into consideration.

Space Saving

When considering the purchase of portable barres, one should note that they can be arranged to accommodate dancers on both sides at once.  This can be a distinct advantage for companies located in smaller spaces. They can also be disassembled and stored to make more room as necessary.

Single or Double Barres

When selecting between single portable or double portable barres, the needs of the dance company should be carefully observed.  The two horizontal barres at different heights are great for companies that have members of different age groups and heights. Additionally, double barres are typically far sturdier than single barres, and will last many years longer.


Of the three primary construction materials from which barres are made, steel is the most highly recommend material. While wood tends to be light in weight, it is far weaker than steel and tends to bend or warp, as well as collecting germs and bacteria. Plastic is only useful for barre construction on a very temporary basis.  The risks of breakage and injury are much higher with plastic barres than with wooden or steel ones.  While heavy, structural steel is very strong, will last the longest and have the fewest risks.

Boss Ballet Barres features the highest quality portable barres available.  Please contact us to speak with a consultant.  We can help you select the best and most affordable portable ballet barres to suit your particular needs.