Using A Portable Ballet Barre To Help Older Adults Regain Balance

It is almost inevitable that as we age, we begin to experience physical issues like loss of balance. Falls caused by lapses in balance account for a large number of injuries suffered by older adults. Fortunately, balance is a skill that can be regained through exercise. A portable ballet barre is a great tool to support balance exercises. If you or a loved one are facing loss of balance issues, check out our barres, then try these exercises.

Single Leg Balance: Place the left hand lightly on the barre, and bring your weight on to the left leg. When you feel steady, lift the right foot off the ground by bending the knee. Hold this for a few seconds to start, working up to 3 one minute holds. Repeat on the other side.

Single Leg Reach: Placing the left hand on the barre, bring the weight on to the left leg, then lift the right foot off the ground by bending the knee. Moving slowly, extend the right arm forward, then move it to the side, then to the back. You can envision a clock and that you are moving your arm to 12, 3, and 6. Start by doing this one time on each side, and gradually work up to 7 to 10 repetitions on each side.

Back Leg Raises: Face the barre and place your hands lightly on it. Raise your right leg behind you and complete 5 to 10 raises by lifting your leg, then lightly tapping the toe down. Repeat with the opposite leg.

Side Leg Raises: Facing the barre, rest your hands lightly on it. Raise the right leg to the side 5 to 10 times, tapping the right toe down lightly each time. Repeat with the left leg.

Balance Transfer: Face the barre and rest your hands on it. Bring your weight on to the left leg, pause for one second, then shift the weight on to the right leg. At first you may only be able to do This a few times, but your goal is to work up to one minute.

Our barres can be a great addition to your fitness program. Contact us to learn more about which barre is the correct one for you or your program!