How a Portable Ballet Barre Can Be Used For Irish Dance Practice

Ballet barres are becoming more and more common place in Irish dance studios. They are perfect for the usual slow, muscle-building exercises done by ballet dancers, which are excellent for dancers of all backgrounds to practice. However, they are also great for support when performing difficult jumps and leaps. A portable ballet barre could be just what you need to enhance your at home practice in order to finally place out of your hornpipe or get those rocks just right into your slip jig. Here are 3 Irish dance moves made easier with the use of a ballet barre. 

  • Rocks - Rocks are hard on your ankles. The extra support of a barre while your practice getting your foot placement right could be exactly what you need to get beautiful rocks without hurting your ankles.
  • Clicks - Getting clicks takes a lot of practice. Putting your feet in just the right place as they pass one another is key to getting that satisfying 'click' each and every time. A barre is helpful for holding your weight while you practice, allowing you to click in slow motion in order to get your foot placement exactly right. This will save you from the typical bruised ankles of a dancer just learning to do clicks.
  • Double ups - The movement of hitting your knee twice with the opposite foot while in the air can be tricky to get. Pushing yourself up on a barre to practice the double hit movement can be a lifesaver. Once your muscles understand what to do, they will never forget. Slow motion is the easiest way to train your muscles what to do in any difficult jump or leap.

These are just a few of the Irish dance moves you can use a barre to practice. Any movement that can be slowed down by placing some of your weight on a barre can be made easier with the use of a barre. If you would like to order a barre for your at home practice space and be on your way to championship level contact us today!