3 Reasons to Exercise Like a Dancer

3 Reasons to Exercise Like a Dancer

There are a lot of things to consider before starting a new work-out routine. It's important to do research before you invest in any exercise regimen. There are workouts that are stressful for your joints, some that are potentially dangerous, and many that might work-out the wrong muscles for your needs and wants.

Home ballerina workouts are a great way to circumvent all of these issues. Here are our top 3 reasons to dance your way to a better body with a portable ballet barre.

1) Ballet Workouts Focus on Lean Muscle

Working out is about muscle-building and fat-loss. Ballerina workouts focus specifically on maintaining lean muscle. Working on this type of muscle gives you a toned look, but not a bulky one. Weighted crunches, and side bends will make your stomach appear wider, not quite what you're trying to get out of your routine. A ballet barre is a good tool to keep around if you want your workouts focused on making you healthier, and achieving a pleasing physical aesthetic.

2) Ballet Workouts Are Good For Your Joints

No matter your age a bad work-out can pave the way for disastrous consequences in your later years. Women develop osteoporosis at higher rates than men, a serious illness that causes near constant suffering. Men can also develop severe osteoporosis, especially if they frequently engage in dangerous work-outs. We believe that exercise should be safe, and that's why we stand by the effectiveness of ballerina work-outs. Portable ballet barres promote routines that keep you healthy in the short-term and the long-term.

3) Cost

This was pretty crazy to learn but the cost of a ballet barre is actually less than the average year-long gym membership, which can run up to $1,000. Our barre's will last you longer than a year's worth of workouts; every year that you use our product, you're actually saving money.

Portable ballet barre's can provide you with the workout you deserve, and last long enough for you to get the most from them.

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