5 Ways to Keep Up with Your Barre Routine Over the Holidays


With the holidays right around the corner, you may find yourself traveling long distances. How are you going to keep up with the barre routine that has kept you lean and fit all year? These tips will ensure that you don't find yourself off track right before those New Year's resolutions kick in.

1. Make Time for Self-Care

The stress of the holidays and sometimes even being around family members can be intense to manage. This makes personal fitness even more important this time of year. Taking your portable barre with you can remind you to take the time for self-care, which is a benefit for your own mental well-being.

2. Download an App or Youtube Video

Take your workout on the road with a portable version of your normal routine. A smartphone app or Youtube video can provide you with the quick burn you need to stay in shape and avoid losing skills during your vacation. If you are not able to take your portable ballet barre with you, these videos may show you some alternatives.

3. Introduce Barre to Family Members

Barre offers a fantastic social opportunity. If you have loved ones who have never tried barre, your portable ballet barre may provide you with an outlet to demonstrate your skills and even help your loved ones get in shape too.

4. Make New Year's Resolutions

The first step to keeping your goals is to make them. Plus, you are more likely to keep your resolutions for the upcoming year if you make them known to those close to you. If you will be surrounded by friends and family members, you can even ask for support and encouragement as 2017 begins.

5. Visit the Gym

If you are unable to bring your barre on your holiday trip, you may be able to find an affordable gym pass for a class or just one workout session. This will help you stay in shape after the delicious holiday dinners you will enjoy.

Are you looking for a portable barre to help you stay in shape this winter? Contact us to learn more about barre options for your routine.