5 Reasons Barre Is the Best Workout for College Students

Barre is by no means meant only for dancers. Anybody looking for a challenging and muscle lengthening workout will benefit from switching it up with a barre routine. Are you looking for a fantastic workout that fits in well with your schedule as a college student? Barre is a great choice for a few different reasons.

1. You can buy a portable barre easily.

Unlike other workout equipment, a portable ballet barre is affordable. Plus, you can take it with you easily when you change dorm rooms or apartments. Getting together with friends to work out? Why not bring the barre with you?

2. Barre is a form of self-care.

If you need some time for yourself, taking an hour for self-care in the form of barre is perfect. During this hour, all you do is focus on getting toned and soothing your mind.

3. Barre is a workout for the entire body.

Working out your legs, glutes, and arms at the same time is fantastic. All the while, you get to stretch out and improve your flexibility. Tone your muscles in ways you never considered before with a portable barre, feeling the shake that demonstrates that your muscles are really working. Plus, you won't hurt your joints in the meantime.

4. Barre requires no experience.

One of the best things about incorporating barre into your workout exercise is that you do not need experience to get started. Anybody can try barre and get better with time. If you were not an athlete in high school you should have no worries about beginning barre in college.

5. Barre offers a constant challenge.

There is no doubt that barre can be difficult when you start off. The good thing is that you never get bored with it. There are always new routines to try, and you can watch videos right in the comfort of your college dorm room.

Are you looking for new ways to challenge your body? Are you a college student with little space in your dorm? Barre workouts are a fantastic choice. Contact us to learn more about your portable barre options.


Photo courtesy: Cambridge Dance studio