5 Benefits of Ballet Barre Fitness

Barre is a great workout for everyone. Whether you're preparing for a 5K, or you just want to improve your health and body, you'll reap numerous benefits from participating in barre fitness. It's a full-body workout that's low impact and provides wonderful results. No experience is necessary, so join in the fun and start reaping these 5 benefits of ballet barre fitness.

Get Stronger

Barre doesn't improve your strength by forcing you to lift heavy weights, instead it builds your strength through reps. The movements done in barre look simple, but they target small muscles that you aren't used to engaging. As you push through multiple reps that target these specific muscles, you'll build well-rounded strength within your body.  

Increase Endurance

Repetition, while targeting specific muscles groups, cause your muscles fatigue. Pushing through, even when your body starts to shake, will not only build up strength, but increase endurance. It's great for everyone, but especially for someone that's planning to participate in a race or marathon. Endurance is vitally important, and barre helps you prepare both physically and mentally 

Get Definition

Barre targets multiple muscle groups, tightening them without causing you to "bulk up." What you get is firm, strong muscles that create tone and definition. Your arms, thighs, core, and butt are some of the main areas you'll see a change in. 

Reduce Cellulite

Eating right and doing cardio won't fix your cellulite. Cardio reduces fat, but doesn't do much to tone your muscles. Barre workouts tone and define your muscles, which tightens your skin. As your skin tightens, it'll reduce your cellulite. 

It's Fun

It's important to enjoy your fitness routine. It's work, but if it's also fun, you'll likely continue on your fitness journey. Barre is a fun workout that's not super complex. It gives outstanding results without a lot of complicated direction. Listen to motivating music, and have a fun time getting your body in shape. 

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