Creating a Sacred Space for Your Home Studio

Creating a Sacred Space for Your Home Studio

It may seem like a general statement, but ballet truly feeds our souls. There is an overwhelming sense of peace as our bodies flow with the intricacies that slow, graceful movement evokes. To a dancer, such a feeling is irresistible. Outside the pressures of the studio, a "ballet space" in your home will offer you a private place to revive and renew. Below are some tips to get your started as you create your own ballet barre fitness studio:

Let the light in: Place your barre in a well-lit area, preferably in front of natural light. Such arrangement inspires deeper connection with nature and a deeper meditative state, and the dynamics of light and reflection. An open window widens your imagination. 

Soothe the senses: On a small table or bench beside your barre, arrange a small collection of some cherished treasures such as seashells, a favorite necklace, and/or fresh flowers. This is your personal space, so make it a reflection, a celebration, of your individuality. Keep it simple and natural. Spritz your favorite fragrance or, better yet, diffuse relaxing essential oils such as eucalyptus and lavender. 

Make it Dynamic: A ballet workout doesn't stop at the barre, by any means. Keep a yoga mat on the floor beside your barre to encourage pre-barre stretching and meditation. Yoga blocks and balls will encourage experimentation with the possibilities for stretching. Strategically place prints of your favorite dancers on your walls as a powerful motivational tool. 

Ballet is so expressive, and your home is the ideal place to perfect your art without fear of ridicule. If you desire to take that pivotal step and create your own creative dance space, or if you just need a convenient way to practice your art, please contact us for more information about our portable barre systems.