Three Reasons Portable Barres Suit Professional Dance Companies

A old wooden barre mounted to the wall isn’t the only option to suit your company’s needs. We’ve got three big reasons why portable barres for professional dance companies are a smart investment, at small and large studios alike.

1. Flexibility

Did more performers show up than expected and you’re running out of space on the wall? Do some of your dancers need to be warming up in the corner while others are rehearsing center stage? A portable ballet barre provides the flexibility that professional dance companies need. Not every class or rehearsal is alike and having the option to modify your space at a moment’s notice allows you to focus on more important things, like your students’ technique. Instead of lamenting that you can’t magically lengthen a wall, get creative and maximize your entire studio space for barre work.

2. Mobility

Want to go through a barre sequence at the theater before your dancers hit the stage? Practicing in a temporary space that’s not equipped for ballet? Taking your classes on the road? Pack your barre without having to rip it off the wall. Boss Barres are even more portable when you add a custom-designed dolly that reduces lugging and hauling as you switch spaces.

3. Affordability

Our barres are made of steel, so they’re not going to snap, crack, or deteriorate any time soon — meaning fewer replacement costs for you. The powder-coated finish is also not only more hygienic and easier to clean than wood, but it retains its appearance longer, too. You’ll also save on installation costs, as our barres come with assembly instructions that you can complete yourself. No need to call (and pay) a professional for mounting.

Has this got you thinking about maximizing your space, time, and funds? Contact us for help deciding which barres will best suit your company.