Portable Ballet Barres a Must for Dance Studios

As dance studio owners know, space can sometimes be at a premium. Some studios have large classrooms but if your studio has a combination of different size classrooms, we offer the perfect solution to make every square foot count. Maximizing your studio's space with portable ballet barres is the perfect solution.

Boss portable ballet barres are the perfect solution for any size of dance studio. They're lightweight and easy to move from room to room. And best of all, they can be configured so that dancers are always facing their teacher rather than the back of other dancers or the wall.

Our ballet barres are the highest quality and made from lightweight and durable high-strength structural steel. We can make this claim because Boss Ballet Barres is part of our parent company Boss Steel Ltd.  Another plus to our ballet barres is that they're easy to clean and germs don't build up like on wood barres. They come in different lengths too with extensions that are perfect for larger classrooms.

Because they come in different lengths, studio owners can order the sizes that work best in their space. Your dancers will love the ability to move the barres around so they can face the mirror, their teacher or fellow dancers!

Take a look at our products. Our commitment to great customer service is a top priority. Contact us if you have any questions or for a recommendation for your studio today!