3 Ways to Use Ballet Barres for Physical Therapy

When building out a physical therapy clinic or creating a place to do PT exercises at home, the first piece of equipment that comes to mind may not be a portable ballet barre. However, Boss Ballet Barres provide the stability and convenience you need for performing exercises and stretching in the physical therapy clinic or at home. Our barres are made to solve the problem of flimsy, portable barres that fall apart and tip back and forth. Boss Ballet Barres can be there for your clients as they journey towards a healthier and happier body. Here are 3 ways we recommend using a portable ballet barre for physical therapy.

  1. Balance exercises: Many people neglect to work on their balance as a part of a work out regimen. This can become even more complicated when dealing with an injury or genetic disorder. Holding onto the barre with one or both hands is a great way to stabilize oneself while performing balance exercises.
  2. Strength exercises: Holding onto the barre can allow PT patients to do exercises they might not be able to do without the support of the barre. Doing various squats and leg lifts are just some ways you can work the lower body when using the barre.
  3. Stretching: A lot of injuries are caused by or result in tight muscles and stretching is a great way to release those muscles. The barre allows clients to stretch their body in a variety of ways they couldn't do without the assistance of a barre.

If you think a portable ballet barre is just the addition you need to your PT clinic or home gym, contact us today at Boss Ballet Barres.