3 Truths About Barre Classes

By now, you have probably seen a few posts, advertisements, videos, etc. about barre classes. After seeing the posts, images, and videos about barre you probably decided to pull up your favorite search engine so you could search the keywords: "barre class". You may have laughed after reading the information about barre because you believed it was something you could never be a part of.

We do not want you to think of barre as something that is too difficult or discouraging. After participating in a barre class for the first time or having your own personal class, you will question yourself about why it has taken you this long to join in on the fun. As producers of the strongest ballet barres, we have read and heard about a variety of myths that have been floating around for years. With all of the myths and misconceptions that have been going around about ballet barre, we want to share the truth about barre.

Truth: You Do Not Have To Be A Ballerina

You do not have to be a ballerina or any type of dancer to participate in barre. If you are determined to work hard and you can hold on to a portable or free-standing barre, you can do barre. You may walk into a barre class for the first time and think you are surrounded by all dancers, but that will not be the case. While they may all look like dancers, everyone in a barre class will not all have a dancing background. So, you will not have to shop for tights when you are ready for your first barre class.

Truth: Participants Of All Shapes and Sizes Will Be Welcomed

You do not have to look a certain way to participate in a barre class. When you walk into a barre class for the first time, you will see a diverse group of people who are ready to get to work. Everyone will have their own reasons for being there and they will have their own goals. Your instructor will work hard to help you achieve the goals you have set, regardless of your size, shape, or experience. The barre community is made up of people who will help you from start to finish.

Truth: It Is Challenging

We do not want to make it seem as if barre will be the easiest thing you will ever do because it probably will not be. You will probably sweat more than you expect to sweat when trying barre. You will likely stretch muscles you never even knew existed. You may run into multiple challenges in your first workout, but do not worry because everyone else experienced the same thing when they first started. Everyone will have something to work on and overcome, but when you are in the right barre class, you will be able to jump over those hurdles before you know it.

We hope we were able to make you feel better about participating in a barre workout. If you want to be prepared for your first class, please do not hesitate to contact us today to ask about our portable ballet barres.