If you own or operate a small dance studio and need to invest in barres, you have to choose between wall-mounted barres and portable barres. In this blog post, we want to highlight why portable barres are ideal for small studios. Depending on the size of your business and the city your business is in, there just might not be a bigger space available or you might not need it. But portable barres help you and your students get the most out of class. Here's why.

1) More Students

Portable ballet barres allow you to fit more students into a small space. Unlike wall-mounted barres you can fit students on both sides of the barre, essentially doubling the number of students you can fit in each class. Don't let your enrollment by hindered by lack of space in your studio. Just use portable barres so there is space for everyone when you are doing barre work.

2) More Space

In a small studio, every inch of space matters. Wall-mounted barres might stick off the wall 6 or 8 inches. When you consider the barres will go on several walls they take away space your dancers could be using. When you use portable barres, they can easily be moved into storage after barre when you are ready to dance center floor.

3) Stronger Students

Especially for your younger or less experienced students, you don't want them to rely too much on the barre for support. While Boss Ballet Barres are the strongest on the market and won't sway or shift while dancers are using them, portable barres make it more difficult for dancers to use the barre as a crutch for stability and balance.

If you are looking for portable barres for your small dance studio, check out the variety of portable barres at Boss Ballet Barres. For more information on any of our products, please contact us today.