3 Reasons to Work Hiking into your Barre Routine

Cross-training is essential no matter what kind of exercise you do, and hiking can be a great choice to pair with a portable ballet barre routine. It may be time to hit the trails and improve your strength in new ways.

These benefits may encourage you to go take a hike:

1. Build leg strength.

Hiking builds strength in the legs, especially in the glutes as you power uphill and downhill. Stabilized muscles will help you hit the barre routine with stronger quads too. Make sure to vary the angle and speed of your hike for best results.

2. Stabilize your core.

Your core is the force driving to keep you standing upright throughout your hike, especially as you change balance from one foot to the next on hills and scrambling over rocks. You do not need to move quickly to reap the benefits either. The slower you move, the more you engage your core muscles.

3. Strengthen your ankles.

When you hike on uneven terrain, it strengthens your stabilizers, especially your ankles. The truth is that hiking encourages you to move side to side as well as up, down, forward, and even backward. This is a great change for your body, which may be used to moving in specific ways with the barre.

Hiking offers a fantastic opportunity to broaden your typical workout style, giving you more opportunity to build strength and flexibility. Plus, hiking is great for enhancing your cardio.

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