Raising the Barre: Ballet Barres for Jazz and Hip Hop

Although ballet, inevitably, dances across your mind when you think of ballet barre use, the barre provides practice for dancers of other mediums (not just ballet) like jazz and hip hop. 

A great tool to increase flexibility and strengthen your core, ballet barres for jazz and hip hop are essential for any dancer looking to improve his or her craft. Barre is not just for ballet, because whether you are an advanced or beginner dancer you need the proper posture and strong muscles to perform well in jazz and hip hop. The ballet barre does that for you. 

Jazz is a genre of dance that includes dynamic choreography where the dancer needs flexibility, strength and coordination to excel in all the styles and moves of the dance. Practicing on a ballet barre can give a competitive dancer that extra practice and mobility successful jazz dancer needs.  

Hip hop dancers need high energy and lean muscles for the pace and intensity of this type of dance. Again, using ballet barres for practicing strength and coordination will provide and extra edge to any hip hop dancer's routine while providing a means to practice without partners present. 

The ballet barre is convenient for all dancers, as you are able to build strength, control and flexibility when you need the extra practice without relying on a partner.

Feel free to contact us for more information on using ballet barres for your jazz and hip hop practices. We will be happy to find you the perfect Boss Ballet Barre for all your unique needs.