Remember your first dance class?

Remember the way it felt to go into your first ballet class? You could barely contain yourself that day knowing that was the day you started dance.  Your mom even presented you with a brand new stretchy leotard for this occasion. 

You walk into the studio, your body jumping with adrenaline and nerves. The glossy floor squeaking ever so slightly as you walk across it.  You stand in front of the mirror adjusting the bow around your pretty bun.  Your new ballet shoes are tied tight on your feet.  Your uncomfortable pink tights are riding up in areas you didn’t realize existed.  Still, you feel something.  You know this is where you belong.

Minutes into the class, your teacher moves a barre to the center of the room. You walk up to it, put your hand on the cold steel and that is where it all started.  Somehow, it feels like home.  Your heart flutters at the touch.  This was the beginning of a love story, a love story between you and dance.  From that point forward, your affection only grew.

Now jump forward to your current dance classes. You daily work your butt off in classes. And at home you practice your best. But it isn’t quite enough. You need that feeling again! What can you do to get it back? Start by finding home again. Get your own portable ballet barre, the strongest kind.  Put your hand on it and remember that feeling it gave you on your first day. Fall in love again and contact us.