Ballet Barres for Thigh Gap

Sadie Robertson, finalist in 2014 Dancing with the Stars, recently posted a video in which she confesses occasionally comparing herself to others and suffering low self-esteem. Those viewing the video might find it hard to believe that a young and beautiful girl could put herself through the wringer in that way.

Sadie did celebrate the fact that she was born with "thigh gap," for which she is thankful. Thigh gap is exactly what is says it is, a gap or space, between a persons thighs. Women in particular covet this phenomenon. Most women know all too well of the danger of thighs that rub together, especially in hot weather.

You already know that exercises exist for ballet barres for jazz and hip hop 

It's no secret that ballet dancers spend hours at the barres rehearsing, toning, and exercising.  However, you don't have to be a ballerina in order to benefit from some exercises at the barre.

Try the following barre exercises to add some gap to your thighs:

Stand in front of the barre. Keeping your knees together, bend forward as if sitting. Go up on your toes as if you're wearing stilettos. Push your hips up and out, lean back and straighten your spine. Stay on your toes. Hold.

Try a runner's lunge exercise, it's great for the back of your legs and thighs. Stand with your left leg at a 90 degree angle and your left foot firmly on the floor. Lift your left leg behind you, be sure you keep your left heel lifted. Hold your arms in a prayer position and hold. Repeat on the right leg.

Not the most comfortable exercises, but as the saying goes, no pain no thigh gap.

Take note: exercises, stretches, and healthier eating are all ways to achieve a healthier you. Remember as you strive to become more fit, your value is not at all connected to your thigh gap.

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